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What's happening at Malta Network...


The team at Maltanetwork will be away for Christmas holidays from Thursday 22nd December till Monday 9th January.


Work on the new website for "Seeding Operations & Atmospheric Research" of Texas is complete. Launch of just-cluds.com


MaltaNetwork signs contract for the development of a website to promote the Daihatsu brand in Malta.


MaltaNetwork deploys a fully-fledged online auction application to drive the BMW Kids4Kids Online Auction as part of the ongoing BMW Kids4Kids Charity Campaign.


MaltaNetwork signs contract with artist Mark Sagona for the design of his new website.


MaltaNetwork to develop a new website for SOAR - a weather modification co based in Texas, USA


Launch of hugosloungemalta.com


MaltaNetwork assigned the task of developing a new website for the Valletta Waterfront project.


Contract signed for the development of new website for Citroen.


Contract signed for the development of new website for SEAT.


The new website for the 'European Union Programmes Unit' is complete. Check it out at www.youthmalta.org


Malta Network completes work  on a new website for the European Union Programmes Unit (EUPU). Website will be launched soon.


Malta Network launches Mediterraneo.com.mt - a new website for Mediterraneo Marine Park in bahar ic-Caghaq.


Malta network launches FP6.ORG.MT - an extensive project featuring a robust Content Management System and an enterprise mailing list manager application.


Malta network launches SUSTDEV-NCPS.COM - a website for a EU funded project.


Malta network signs contract for the development of a project which will be a first in Malta.


We're back in office after our annual summer holidays.


We're on holiday. Our offices are closed for our annual summer 'shut down'. We'll be back on 22nd Aug.


Another prestigious project has been added to our portfolio. Work on the new BMW.COM.MT is completed.


Malta Network sign contract with MarieLand Ltd for the development of a website for the Dolphinarium and Marine Park at Mediterraneo in Bahar ic-Caghaq.


MINI.com.mt is the WINNER of The People's Choice Award in this year's Malta Web Awards organised by Datastream. The trophy was presented to Ms. Piera Camilleri of Muscats Motors Ltd. and during a presentation ceremony held yesterday at the Radisson Baypoint SAS in St. Julian's. Mini.com.mt was also runner up in the Business & Corporate Category.


MINI.com.mt is a finalist for the Best Corporate Website Category in this year's Malta Web Awards. You can vote for MINI.com.mt in the People's Choice Award. All you need to do is to send an SMS to 50617023 and type 34 in the message body. You stand a good chance of winning 6 months FREE ADSL Internet service.


Malta Network to develop a new website for BMW. Muscats Motors Ltd, local agents for BMW, have entrusted Malta Network with the task of developing a website that reflects the true identity behind the BMW brand.


Malta Network signs contract for Search Engine Optimisation services with Vanderbilt Capital Advisors, LLC, a major company specialising in investment advisory services. Vanderbilt Capital Advisors, LLC are based in New York and have offices in Los Angeles, Louisville, San Francisco and Chicago.


Malta Network sponsor HELPTHEBLINDARTIST - a celebration of creativity from a number of enthusiastic and budding local artists.


Holidays are over. We're back behind our desks and looking enthusiastically ahead for a New Year.

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