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Malta Network offers a wide-range of experience coupled with creativity and an unparalleled level of service. Below is a list of some of our satisfied clients. More case studies will be added very soon.

BMW Valletta Waterfront
MINI   Hugo's Lounge
SEAT AO Entertainment Ltd
Citroen 360 Ltd. (Steam Club)  
European Programmes Unit Mediterraneo Marine Park
FP6.org.mt Galea General Services
SOAR, Texas Gaffiero Productions
Sustdev-Ncps.com   Land Rover
Gatt Shipping    Daihatsu
Mark Sagona DJ Steve Caesar
Type Cult    Eaglek-Wear Ltd  
Rookies Bar & Grill Malta Council for Science & Tech
Institute for Maltese Culture    Vanderbilt Capital Advisors, LLC  
Porsche     Audi  
Mitsubishi     Suzuki  
Astoria Catering     MQuip Ltd.  
Browsers Internet Cafe`   Volkswagen, Gozo  
Mizzi Organisation Ltd Geres Health & Fitness Centre 
Corner Pocket Bar   Adventure Gozo Car Hire
MQuip Vanguard Billiard Tables Ltd.
Benfior TV Shop    JDB Printing Services
InMalta Bliss Properties
Medical Plaza  Premium Marketing Agency
Accurate Ltd. Drama Centre Malta
Tudor Hotel Nova Travel Service
Nova Travel Services JDB Printing
Nomads Travel Magazine LFC SC Gozo Branch
Moskito Bar M Spiteri Lucas
University of Malta Foundation for Educ Services
  Links Travel Co. Ltd    helptheblindartist


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